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Laura Keen (niece/daughter of sister Grace) Laura Keen (niece/daughter of sister Grace) from Grovetown,GA wrote on May 24, 2017
My relationship with Uncle Arnold and Aunt Thelma only began a few years ago, however, I treasure the few times that we were together. They always made me feel loved and wanted. They didn't have to, but they did. I remember the hike Uncle Arnold took me on, because he knew I liked to hike, and Aunt Thelma working on my feet to comfort me. They loved me and I love them. I pray my cousins and I will always be close. I believe their parents would like that. Love, Laura Mae
Martha Lacayo Martha Lacayo wrote on May 4, 2017
My deepest sympathy to your family. As we know she's in her sleep peacefully, she will wake up one day when her name is called. Rev. 21:3,4 has always been my favorite scripture in my lifetime and I believe it's you favorite too because it is real. I did not get a chance to know her a lot, but I do know she is loved by her wonderful and beautiful family. I send you my hugs. Martha Lacayo
Derwood & Margaret OQuinn Derwood & Margaret OQuinn from College Park, MD wrote on May 4, 2017
Our prayers are with all the family. I fondly remember many deep bible discussions with Bro and Sis Howe. We will see them soon in the resurrection 'just around the corner'. I look forward to sitting with them again.
Maureen Aguirre Maureen Aguirre from Bossier City, Louisiana wrote on May 3, 2017
So sorry to all the family , I have very fond memories of my dear sister Thelma ,she was always there for me when things got difficult at home she taught me to rely on Jehovah .Thelma was so patient with me , she was there to engourage me specially my first time out in service !.my love to you all but remember (It's Just Around The Corner). xxxxx
Dawn Diaz Dawn Diaz from Apex, NC wrote on May 2, 2017
Im sorry for your loss to all Howe Family, Sister Howe was a wonderful person that she taught me few things about Jehovah. She is proud of me working hard in my study and going to meetings learn about Jehovah. In her last letter to me, she said there will be no more suffering. We have to be patient and Jehovah is working hard. We are almost at the end. We will see our new paradise. I will miss her wonderful smile and keep having faith with Jehovah.
Ronny & Norma Barnes Ronny & Norma Barnes from Dudley, NC wrote on May 1, 2017
To all the Howe Family. We all know to well the terrible sadness there is in losing a love one. How happy the time will be when we are in paradise fixing our yards, cooking with friends and when we look up here comes our love ones to join us. What a wonderful time that will be. And I know that as Sister Howe knew and believed that time is just around the corner. Our family will continue to pray for your family that Jehovah bless and comfort you.
Anonymous Anonymous wrote on May 1, 2017
Jehovah has smiled upon this gracious lady. She gave me a sister-in-law I love dearly.
Zelina Tolbert Zelina Tolbert from Greensboro, NC wrote on April 27, 2017
May you hear the call when it comes to welcome you into Paradise and reunite you with your loving family.
Robin Harris Robin Harris from Liberty, NC wrote on April 27, 2017
To Pam Hood and family, you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Sorry for your loss..
Kimberly Mason Kimberly Mason from Wilson, NC wrote on April 25, 2017
I sure will miss her especially her wisdom advise n how much she loves talking about her cats with me... she was very caring, faithful n loving grandma .. love u grandma Kimberly