Mom's Notes

Mom had beautiful handwriting and loved to take notes on everything. She took detailed notes at every convention and assembly – as well as all the meetings. She also wrote notes on her personal study and research projects. And just little notecards and scraps of paper with tidbits of wisdom. When she sent letters or cards of encouragement to others, she wrote out what she wanted to say, then copied it over, and saved the original. As we’re going through her things at the house, we’re running across lots of little notes with words of encouragement and wisdom that we’d like to save and share.

Letter to a friend

When Mom was sick, she gave us this letter she hadn't gotten around to re-writing and mailing, and asked us to give it to the friend she had written it for. We found the words so encouraging, we had to make a copy. Here's an excerpt: ... I think of you often - I know...

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Our Tears

We found this note card soon after Mom's death. The words seemed so appropriate for what we're going through, so Andrew read these words and the Scripture at our little private family gathering at Dad's Garden when we placed Mom's ashes with Dad. It reads: A person...

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