When Mom was sick, she gave us this letter she hadn’t gotten around to re-writing and mailing, and asked us to give it to the friend she had written it for. We found the words so encouraging, we had to make a copy. Here’s an excerpt:

… I think of you often – I know you’ve been having a very difficult row to hoe. I’m so sorry about your mother and husband…

Satan’s way of life brings so much suffering and hardships into our lives – high level stress.

The one promise of Jehovah that I rely heavily upon is 1 Cor. 10:13, just knowing that Jehovah only allows life circumstances that we can successfully cope with if we have his help, keeps from temptation of giving in or giving up. Sometimes it may seem impossible to keep on, but he always makes a way out.

1 Cor. 15:26 is so true about death being our enemy. Even though we miss our loved ones claimed by this enemy – it is a relief for them – they are resting from labors of this system. We have a measure of relief from being so helpless as we witnessed their struggles.

We can cherish our memories – often with tears, sometimes with smiles – as we look forward and wait patiently to see them in paradise with all causes of suffering gone – completely erased.

In the meantime, we can clutch on to comfort, hope, and faith from Jehovah and his organized family.

I regret my limitations prevent me from helping others as much as I’d like – but if ever you know of something I can do, do not hesitate to call. Come by anytime… With heartfelt agape love, Thelma

(Note at the bottom: procrastination kept it out of the mail – a weakness I have perfected)