We found this note card soon after Mom’s death. The words seemed so appropriate for what we’re going through, so Andrew read these words and the Scripture at our little private family gathering at Dad’s Garden when we placed Mom’s ashes with Dad.

It reads: A person may be plagued with financial hardships, chronic physical illness, personality conflict with another, an emotional disorder, depression, distressing circumstances beyond one’s control, coping with death of a loved one, and a host of other problems.

When going through troubling experiences, never forget that Jehovah knows what you are suffering.

Psalm 56:8 – “…Do collect my tears in your skin bottle. Are they not recorded in your book?”

Jehovah gathers up our tears caused by affliction and anxiety and puts them in his skin bottle, just as we might pour wine or water into a container. Our tears are written down in Jehovah’s book to be remembered because of his tender concern for us.

Wt 11-15-87, p. 20, par 18

“Olive trees live a long time. We can live forever in Paradise.”